Hall of Valour - Temple Du Courage

Eligibility For Induction Into the Canada Veterans Hall of Valour

Veterans with Valour Awards 

Heroes (veterans) without Valour Awards 

Anyone eligible and wishing to be inducted should write to:

The Canada Veterans Hall of Valour Inc.
Jacques Lévesque
1819 Northlands Drive
Orleans Ontario
K4A 3S2

And please provide the following information:

a) Full name and mailing address

b) Full name of person recommended for induction

c) Name of Valour Award

d) In what war and in what service did the decorated person serve?

e) Year of birth and year of death of the decorated person

f) If deceased, where is the decorated person buried?

g) If you do not have the citation for the award, we will locate it

h) Any size or any colour photo, preferably one in uniform

i) We will contact you if we need more information

For other enquiries, you can send us an email at: