Hall of Valour - Temple Du Courage

Mindful of all those heroic men and women war veterans who faced painful death and disablement in the submarine infested, freezing waters of the North Atlantic, or by being shot down over enemy territory or by facing painful death and disablement from enemy bombs, mortars, machine guns, land mines or artillery, Canadian Veterans' Hall of Honour Inc. are memorializing them in the Canada Veterans' Hall of Valour and the Canada Veterans' Book of Valour. Their sacrifices freed our British, European and Asian cousins from tyranny and dictatorship.

Accordingly all those veterans who received valour awards such as Military Medal (MM), Military Cross (MC), Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) , Distinguished Service Medal (DSM), Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) , Distinguished Service Order (DSO), Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), George Cross (GC), George Medal (GM), Victoria Cross (VC) and other valour medals, are eligible to have their portraits and mini-biographies displayed in the Canada Veterans Hall of Valour on this website.

Mindful of the agony of parents who lost sons and daughters during WWI and WWII we are memorializing not only veterans but also the parents of veterans, all of whom suffered in their own way. That is why, immediately below the veteran's portrait is a mini-biography stating the names of parents, place of birth (or enlistment), the citation (s) and any other relevant piece of information.

In addition to memorializing Canada's war veterans and their parents, it is expected that this website will describe the horror of war in an interesting and exciting way; i.e. using the full parameters of computers and the internet.

Students and other young persons who access this website will see the youthful faces of war i.e. 'black and white' artist portraits of hundreds of war veterans, based on photos taken while these soldiers, sailors and airmen were still young. Beneath the portraits will be mini-biographies which will tell the stories of the horrors these young people faced.

Our belief is that students and youth who learn about the sacrifices of Canadian veterans and the horrors of war, will be a major influence in ensuring that Canada will never again be involved in the horrors of a world war.

The plan is to memorialize, by other means, all those heroic veterans who faced painful death and dismemberment, but did not receive valour awards.

The first of several stages is to display, on this website, the portraits of 800 veterans who received valour awards. Later stages will add mini-biographies beneath each portrait and will also add hundreds more portraits and mini-biographies.